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Angel, Drow, Fae, or Fairy?

Ever since I was a child I have loved anything to do with fairies, and the fascination for them has never left me. Now, here in Second Life, we can become fairy folk, and don our wings and fantasy skins to become whatever we wish.

021017 Drow_021T.png

I decided to go and explore the Forest Of Mystical Dreams, a delightful fantasy sim. Lots to explore, including a fairy circle to dance in.

021017 Drow_038T.png

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Today’s Faves – Sleep With Me

ingsThis is such a cute little set I just had to share it with you! It is by Eyelure, and is called Sleep With Me Set РLavendar [sic]. It comprises the top, shorts and an eyemask, not shown.

020617 Sleep with me_007T.png

I fell in love with it, well, ok, mainly because it included a TMP size, and shorts don’t always fit well if they are not for TMP. I teamed it here with a few of my recent gacha items. Firstly, the gorgeous hair is another one by Doe, you can see my other Doe styles here. This one is available in two versions, a long and a short ponytail. This is the shorter one, in pastels. I love the little tiny heart lights that come with it, just right for St.Valentine’s Day! The lights come with a colour HUD, like the hair, so I decided to go with a blue and lavender version to match the hair and outfit. Continue reading