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I Won A Free Subscription Box!

Back in December I heard there was to be a new subscription box just for Catwa Mesh Heads, with an expected released date for January 2017. I eagerly awaited the arrival of this new subscription box, for several reasons. Firstly, I love make up! I love trying out new make up looks on my mesh head. Secondly, as this new subscription box was going to be just for Catwa Heads, I knew that I would be able to use everything in it, so that was a win win for me! Thirdly, and this was linked very much to my previous point, is that most, if not all, of the other fashion based subscription boxes, are very much biased to the main mesh body types of Slink or Maitreya. I have only the one mesh body, TMP (The Mesh Project) body, and I am very loyal to it. I do not want to buy every other sort of body just so I can buy this or that outfit. So, having said that, to find a subscription box that I could finally use all of the items was, to me, priceless!

021917 Powder Pack_002T.png

And what is this fabulous new subscription box? I hear you ask. It is called Powder Pack, and is available here. It comes out on the 17th of each month, so there have been two thus far. They were both packed with amazing items from a group of twelve designers. The items have been very varied, and have included things like great make ups, facial marks, skins, lashes, and mesh eye appliers. Each month, Powder Pack group members are invited to post pictures on to the group Flickr page, wearing some of the contents from the boxes. Each month there has been a draw for a Powder Pack Princess, who wins three months free subscription to the box. I won a free month’s subscription just for being in the group, so I was extremely thrilled!

021817 PowderPack_022T.png

Starting next month they will also be doing a Subscription Box for LeLutka Heads. I am sure that will be a great success too.

030517 Powder Pack Free Month Prize_001T.png

If you haven’t yet tried Powder Pack, you can find all the information about it here.

Tuppi’s Look: 1

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: CatwaAlice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: Bold & Beauty, Classic Eyes (Powder Pack February): Lashes: [okkbye], BabyDoll (Powder Pack February)
  • Skin Applier: amara beautyKelly (Powder Pack February)
  • Hair: Foxy, Regan Pastel Fades
  • Make Up: amara beauty, Kelly (Powder Pack February); Beauty Marks: [okkbye], Dalmation (Powder Pack February)
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; RealEvil, Envy Tags Necklace 
  • Outfit: Hilly Haalan, Marcia Top

Tuppi’s Look: 2

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: CatwaAlice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Blue/Gold
  • Skin Applier: amara beauty, Kelly (Powder Pack February)
  • Nails: MissEm Boa StyleSquared All Colours
  • Hair: Foxy, Regan Pastel Fades
  • Make Up: Pink Fuel, Runny Mascara, Juicy Drop Lipstick (Powder Pack February)
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot Bracelet; Chop Zuey, Flying Raisins Ring: RealEvilEnvy Tags Necklace
  • Outfit: Hilly Haalan, Marcia Top
  • Footwear: Reign, Dolly Plats Black
  • Photo Studio: KraftWork & BigBully, PhotoBox (Powder Pack February Gift)

Tuppi’s Look: 3

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: CatwaKimberly Bento
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Tattoo Applier: White Widow, Rings Black
  • Hair: Wasabi Pills, Happy Style 1 Lunar Ombre Rare gacha
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; AvaWay, Elvira Necklace, Arm Wraps; PurpleMoon, Formal Set 003 Earrings
  • Outfit: ArisAris, Gara76 Marea Gold Gown

Thank you so much to the Powder Pack Team for their very generous gift, and for all the hard work they put in to bringing us all such a wonderful Subscription Box. I am eagerly awaiting this month’s delivery!

PS: I realised after uploading this post that two of my images were not ones depicting joy and happiness at winning, which, after all, was the main title of the post! They were, more specifically, showing items that were included in the February Powder Pack. So, as the post was about the Powder Pack, I have left them in. Tuppi x


Flowers In Your Hair

I came across this beautiful floral headdress by Bauhaus Movement, in my vast, as yet uncategorised, inventory. I decided to team it with a very cute Boho style off-shoulder dress by G-Field.

022117 Sometimes love is_001T.png

Gorgeous make up by Zibska, and another of my fave hairs by Doe.

022117 Who looks_003T.png

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Gold/Blue
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Nails: MissEm Boa StyleSquared All Colours
  • Hair: Doe, Lovestruck Solid Candy Rare
  • Headdress: Bauhaus Movement, Macy Headpiece
  • Make Up: Zibska, Riva Eyeshadow, Stasia Lips; [okkbye], BabyDoll Lashes (Powder Pack February)
  • Jewellery: TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot BraceletRealEvil, LUX Caged Heart Collar Necklace
  • Outfit:G-Field, Off-Shoulder Aurora Dress Lavender 
  • Footwear: Reign, Dolly Plats Black