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People Come And People Go, Second Life Is Like That

I would often spend my Friday nights at a club and dance away to ‘Babymaking Music’, listening to the sultry voice of my Dutch DJ friend as he played his regular set of romantic tunes. He would always play a certain song for me, and I would always type out the chorus in local chat. That is what we did. He would greet guests in a variety of languages, conversing fluently with them to make them feel at home. He was talented, and funny, and in his own words a little crazy. He had a photographic memory, and would remember the teeniest details, as he brought forth a volley of quotes from many Monty Python films, that we both shared a love of. The Spanish Inquisition was often referred to during his sets, and he even had the red robes to complete the look!

I met him several years ago, through a mutual friend of ours, who is taking a break from SL, and he quickly became a valued friend to me also. In fact, it was via our mutual friend that I was able to discover why the ‘Babymaking Music’ had been silenced for several weeks, and the usual reminders to attend his sets had stopped dropping into my mail box. I learned that my Dutch DJ friend had passed away 5 weeks ago, and his music and dancing bunny slippers are now put to rest.

So often we meet people in our online world, they stay a while, and then, like a ship, they drift off silently into the night, never to return. Most times we are left to wonder where they are, and for some, we hope they will return, one day. I, at least, have the cold comfort of now knowing why the bunny slippers no longer dance, why the ‘Babymaking Music’ no longer plays.

120813 - Remembering good times and special friendsT.png

This is the only photo I have of him, taken a very long time ago with our mutual friend. I am the one on the right.

He will not be forgotten, and I will play my favourite songs in his memory. Sleep easy my dear Dutch friend.