I love the extreme look of .Shi Hairs. They are wild and sometimes rather bizarre, as No.2 shows, with the zip, but always great looking.

100416 Hair .ShiT.jpg

Tuppi’s Look:

  • 1. Valiant/Unisex All. I love this striking short asymmetric bob. It was their gift at the 2016 Hair Fair Event.This is the style I go for time and again, it is easy to wear with any outfit, and I have all the colour packs.
  • 2. Binah/Unisex E-Metallic. I love the subtle shading on the colours in this colour set. I wasn’t sure how metallic it would look, but it is quite unusual in a subtle way. I love the ombre effect. It comes in two parts, the top of the head part, and the bottom part. The zipper effect is one of their more bizarre looks, but I love how unique it is. The shaved hair bases come with it, and are not an exact match for each colour, but you can tint via the Catwa Main HUD.
  • 3. Vanguard Dips. This style has a wind swept feel to it, and could also be used as a wet hair look if you were caught in the rain, or went for a dip in the pool.
  • 4. Ethereal Dips. Another funky style, it comes with a Scepter Add-on, which is the metal and top knot part of the hair. I love the Dips colour HUD because of the ombre effect which highlights the chiseled features of so many of the .Shi range.
  • Make Up: Slack Girl Pluma and Nina Eyeshadows, XoXoGloss for lips.
  • Jewellery: Chop Zuey Sweetness earrings, RealEvil Envy Tags necklace.