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I Won A Free Subscription Box!

Back in December I heard there was to be a new subscription box just for Catwa Mesh Heads, with an expected released date for January 2017. I eagerly awaited the arrival of this new subscription box, for several reasons. Firstly, I love make up! I love trying out new make up looks on my mesh head. Secondly, as this new subscription box was going to be just for Catwa Heads, I knew that I would be able to use everything in it, so that was a win win for me! Thirdly, and this was linked very much to my previous point, is that most, if not all, of the other fashion based subscription boxes, are very much biased to the main mesh body types of Slink or Maitreya. I have only the one mesh body, TMP (The Mesh Project) body, and I am very loyal to it. I do not want to buy every other sort of body just so I can buy this or that outfit. So, having said that, to find a subscription box that I could finally use all of the items was, to me, priceless!

021917 Powder Pack_002T.png

And what is this fabulous new subscription box? I hear you ask. It is called Powder Pack, and is available here. It comes out on the 17th of each month, so there have been two thus far. They were both packed with amazing items from a group of twelve designers. The items have been very varied, and have included things like great make ups, facial marks, skins, lashes, and mesh eye appliers. Each month, Powder Pack group members are invited to post pictures on to the group Flickr page, wearing some of the contents from the boxes. Each month there has been a draw for a Powder Pack Princess, who wins three months free subscription to the box. I won a free month’s subscription just for being in the group, so I was extremely thrilled!

021817 PowderPack_022T.png

Starting next month they will also be doing a Subscription Box for LeLutka Heads. I am sure that will be a great success too.

030517 Powder Pack Free Month Prize_001T.png

If you haven’t yet tried Powder Pack, you can find all the information about it here.

Tuppi’s Look: 1

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: CatwaAlice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: Bold & Beauty, Classic Eyes (Powder Pack February): Lashes: [okkbye], BabyDoll (Powder Pack February)
  • Skin Applier: amara beautyKelly (Powder Pack February)
  • Hair: Foxy, Regan Pastel Fades
  • Make Up: amara beauty, Kelly (Powder Pack February); Beauty Marks: [okkbye], Dalmation (Powder Pack February)
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; RealEvil, Envy Tags Necklace 
  • Outfit: Hilly Haalan, Marcia Top

Tuppi’s Look: 2

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: CatwaAlice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Blue/Gold
  • Skin Applier: amara beauty, Kelly (Powder Pack February)
  • Nails: MissEm Boa StyleSquared All Colours
  • Hair: Foxy, Regan Pastel Fades
  • Make Up: Pink Fuel, Runny Mascara, Juicy Drop Lipstick (Powder Pack February)
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot Bracelet; Chop Zuey, Flying Raisins Ring: RealEvilEnvy Tags Necklace
  • Outfit: Hilly Haalan, Marcia Top
  • Footwear: Reign, Dolly Plats Black
  • Photo Studio: KraftWork & BigBully, PhotoBox (Powder Pack February Gift)

Tuppi’s Look: 3

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: CatwaKimberly Bento
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Tattoo Applier: White Widow, Rings Black
  • Hair: Wasabi Pills, Happy Style 1 Lunar Ombre Rare gacha
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; AvaWay, Elvira Necklace, Arm Wraps; PurpleMoon, Formal Set 003 Earrings
  • Outfit: ArisAris, Gara76 Marea Gold Gown

Thank you so much to the Powder Pack Team for their very generous gift, and for all the hard work they put in to bringing us all such a wonderful Subscription Box. I am eagerly awaiting this month’s delivery!

PS: I realised after uploading this post that two of my images were not ones depicting joy and happiness at winning, which, after all, was the main title of the post! They were, more specifically, showing items that were included in the February Powder Pack. So, as the post was about the Powder Pack, I have left them in. Tuppi x


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are my picks for Valentine’s Day, and I found some cracking bargains!

021417 Valentines_002T.jpg

This super cute little dress was from Wicca’s Wardrobe, and was a mere 99$L, currently on sale at ON9. The jewellery is the current Group Gift at Lazuri, it includes the cuffs, and earrings and necklaces, in large and small versions – the large is shown. The shoes are by Rebel Hope, and come with a colour HUD to mix and match the textures. The hair is perfect for Valentine’s Day, with the little heart lights on it! It is by Doe, and I have featured it before in the shorter version here. You can check out Tuppi’s Treasures on the Marketplace, for various versions of it, and other styles. My eyeshadow is by one of SlackGirls latest releases from ON9, and the lashes (which have tiny hearts on them) are the latest Group Gift from Arte. My lipstick is taken from the Catwa Main HUD for the mesh head.

I hope you have lots of fun finding items to team together for your own perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day! Happy hunting!

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Gold/Blue
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Nails: MissEm Boa Style, Squared All Colours
  • Hair: Doe, Heartbeat V1 Essentials Rare (includes the heart lights)
  • Make Up: SlackGirl, RoseGems Shadow; Arte, Hearts Lashes (Group Gift); Catwa, Lipstick (on the Main HUD)
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot Bracelet; Chop Zuey, Flying Raisins Ring: Lazuri, Valentina SE Gift, Cuff Bracelets, Large Earrings, Large Necklace
  • Outfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Melanie Hearts Dress
  • Footwear: Rebel Hope, Libby Mesh Heels

Birthday Tea!

I recently celebrated my RL birthday and what better way to celebrate than with tea and cakes? Any excuse to set the table for a little self indulgence. I found the perfect treats too, with this gorgeous Tiffany’s Party Table by Boudoir. It was one of the items in a gacha they had.

013017 Birthday Tea_009T.png

013017 Birthday Tea_006T.png

013017 Birthday Tea_004T.png

I put on this gorgeous little party dress, by Hilly Haalan, and chose a texture to match the party table treats! The shoes were a cute little pair of mules from a lingerie outfit by ArisAris.

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Eyes: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Gold/Blue
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Nails: MissEm Boa Style, Squared All Colours
  • Hair: StealthicErratic Browns
  • Make Up: SlackGirl, Gemg Eyeshadow; Madrid Solo, Bewitched Lipstick 
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot Bracelet; Chop Zuey, Flying Raisins Ring: RealEvil, LUX Caged Heart Collar Necklace
  • Outfit: Hilly Haalan, Tania Dress; worn with TMP applier stockings
  • Footwear: ArisAris, Gara83 In Love Red (included in the outfit)

Happy New Year 2017!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2017! I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness for the coming year.

010117 New Year_015T.png

Did anyone go out and celebrate? I know there were lots of venues offering a variety of New Year’s Eve parties. Whether you celebrated in a grand way or a more subdued way, I hope you all had fun, and if you were imbibing alcoholic beverages, I hope you walked home and didn’t risk teleporting in an inebriated state!

010117 Happy New Year 2017_013T.png

I, myself, chose to celebrate the coming of the New Year, at one of my favourite clubs, The Willows Club. You may have read other posts of mine featuring this wonderful club, here, and here. The place was packed out, and for the first time I can remember, in all the years I have been going there, the sim was full and some people were unable to TP in.

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Part Two

I had a lovely stroll around the newly designed sim at The Forest Event recently. In keeping with my festive theme. They have turned their sim into a beautiful winter snow scene, with lovely trails to walk along, and, if one was so inclined, one could buy a ticket for the December round of the Event. I went and grabbed my goodies, and then couldn’t resist taking a few pictures along the way.

I started out wearing a new festive outfit from Boudoir, called The Christmas Buffet, a charming table/skirt, laden with Christmas munchies. I believe it also dispenses a hot beverage, but I confess I haven’t tried it. It is in typical Boudoir style, and utterly delightful.

122416 The Forest_001T.png

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Gold/Blue
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Hair: [monso]My HairCrowe/Mixed
  • Make Up: SlackGirl, Nenet Eyeshadow; Arte, Julie Lips RedsDeeTalez, Animated Face & Body Glitter Gift
  • Neck Bow: Bowtique, Necktie
  • Outfit: Boudoir, Christmas Buffet Dress, including Hat

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Part One

(because there is too much to cover in just one post!)

I do love all the festive fun and decor at this time of year! Snow everywhere, gifts abound, and fabulous Winter themed sims to explore. One such place was recommended by Strawberry Singh in her blog video – Firestorm with Bento Officially Released!  It is a stunning sim called – Let It Snow . Do go and check it out, there is a cute little village area, complete with red British Post Box and Phone Box!  I found a sleigh, filled with toys, and several white deer dotted about, and a gorgeous glass palace, or ballroom, or wedding venue, call it what you will. It reminded me of the British Crystal Palace as it may have looked many years ago. It is a stunning build by Boudoir, check out their Marketplace here  They say it is “created upon famous Palacio de Cristal from Madrid”.

121616 Let It Snow_009T.png

I stopped for a glass of mulled wine, sitting in the gorgeous Crystal Palace

121616 Let It Snow_008T.png

Look at the details on this huge Christmas tree, and my Snowman Sweater Dress looks perfect. It is my fave Christmas outfit this year. So many different designs in the HUD, and the shirt also has a hide function.

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People Come And People Go, Second Life Is Like That

I would often spend my Friday nights at a club and dance away to ‘Babymaking Music’, listening to the sultry voice of my Dutch DJ friend as he played his regular set of romantic tunes. He would always play a certain song for me, and I would always type out the chorus in local chat. That is what we did. He would greet guests in a variety of languages, conversing fluently with them to make them feel at home. He was talented, and funny, and in his own words a little crazy. He had a photographic memory, and would remember the teeniest details, as he brought forth a volley of quotes from many Monty Python films, that we both shared a love of. The Spanish Inquisition was often referred to during his sets, and he even had the red robes to complete the look!

I met him several years ago, through a mutual friend of ours, who is taking a break from SL, and he quickly became a valued friend to me also. In fact, it was via our mutual friend that I was able to discover why the ‘Babymaking Music’ had been silenced for several weeks, and the usual reminders to attend his sets had stopped dropping into my mail box. I learned that my Dutch DJ friend had passed away 5 weeks ago, and his music and dancing bunny slippers are now put to rest.

So often we meet people in our online world, they stay a while, and then, like a ship, they drift off silently into the night, never to return. Most times we are left to wonder where they are, and for some, we hope they will return, one day. I, at least, have the cold comfort of now knowing why the bunny slippers no longer dance, why the ‘Babymaking Music’ no longer plays.

120813 - Remembering good times and special friendsT.png

This is the only photo I have of him, taken a very long time ago with our mutual friend. I am the one on the right.

He will not be forgotten, and I will play my favourite songs in his memory. Sleep easy my dear Dutch friend.

11th Rez Day Fun

11 years ago I was introduced to Second Life and I have been a resident there ever since. That is some staying power for ‘just a game’! We all know the draw of SL, and we all get gripped by the bug.

102016 Just chilling_012T.png

Avatars have changed so much over the years, everything is mesh now, with flexi this and that. Although I don’t even know if flexi is a term to use anymore? I can remember the rigid hairs, and clothes,  of the early days. If you bent over or sat down your skirt would stick out like a crinoline of yore. The hair was the same, if you wore long hair and looked down your hair stuck out at right angles! One of the many reasons I only ever wore short hair. I remember I chose to be a Goth/Vampire because I thought white skins looked so much better than the orange tone of the normal skins. Such was my logic back in the day.

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The British Invasion

Last night there was a British Invasion at The Willows, the best club in Second Life. Faleen, the owner and host, had transported the club back in time to the roaring sixties in Carnaby Street, London, Britain. There was a cobbled road, red telephone kiosks, red post boxes, and even a blue police box. Steverino had thoughtfully parked a few of his cars in the street, but didn’t leave the keys in them. I was hoping he wouldn’t miss one of them, I had my eyes on this gorgeous one! I think it suits me, don’t you?

093016 Like my new car_002T.png

The music was matched to the venue perfectly, DJ Graylon kept everyone dancing with hits from the Beatles, Lulu, and Herman’s Hermits, to name just a few. Everyone dressed in theme and Faleen even had sixties dances to keep us in the groove.

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Latex Night at The Willows

What a fun night it was at The Willows, the best club in Second Life. Faleen, the owner and host, changes the decor each night, with a change in music genre to match. Wednesday is the Biker Bar, with leather as the dress code, but tonight it was Best in Latex. I love any excuse to wear one of my latex outfits, and as we were in the Biker Bar I opted for something a little risque. I must have found the right mix because I won Best in Latex! Thank you Faleen!

092816 Latex Night_006T.png

The Willows was opened in 2012 by Faleen and her husband Steverino, and I found the club in 2013. Whether it is your first visit there, or your hundredth, you will always find a really warm welcome, not only from Faleen and Steverino, but also from everyone who visits there. It is like a huge big family get together, and the perfect place to celebrate any event. There have been many wedding proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, and rez days held at The Willows. Faleen goes out of her way to make those special moments something to remember, with cake, champagne, balloons and even a billboard! Faleen really does excel at what she does, and it is no wonder friends, old and new, keep coming back time after time.

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