About Tuppi

Hi, welcome to my blog about life in Second Life.

Avatars have changed greatly over the years, and now, with the advent of mesh bodies, and mesh heads, dressing up has taken on a whole new level of fun. The attention to detail in clothing, bodies, hair and make up, and the high quality graphics available, enable us to create stunning looks with our beloved avatars.

I love putting together a look, hunting down just the right accessories to complete it. I love bargains, and there are plenty of great items out there to be had for free, great style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I also love unique and interesting designs, something that goes beyond the norm. If I see something that catches my eye, with that extra depth of detail in it, I love to try it and maybe buy it, regardless of the cost. I hope to share some of my finds here with you.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any comments or questions.

Much love and hugs, Tuppi