Angel, Drow, Fae, or Fairy?

Ever since I was a child I have loved anything to do with fairies, and the fascination for them has never left me. Now, here in Second Life, we can become fairy folk, and don our wings and fantasy skins to become whatever we wish.

021017 Drow_021T.png

I decided to go and explore the Forest Of Mystical Dreams, a delightful fantasy sim. Lots to explore, including a fairy circle to dance in.

021017 Drow_038T.png

There are even tiny ‘Welcome’ fairies to greet you when you arrive!

021017 Drow_050T.png

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Mesh Eyes: Mirage, Holiday Gift
  • Skin Applier: Lumae, Eirtae Fantasy Storm & Ears
  • Nails: MissEm Boa Style, Squared All Colours
  • Hair: Action Inkubator, Sam (includes the hairbase)
  • Make Up: Mirage, Holiday Gift Eyeliner & Lashes;  Madrid Solo, Bewitched Lipstick
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum, Snow Flurry Necklace; TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot Bracelet; Chop Zuey, Flying Raisins Ring; [FPI], Plasma Piercing Earrings
  • Outfit: TMP, String Bikini Top, The Rue Denim Shorts
  • Footwear: N-core, Alyssa Thigh Boots Lace White
  • Wings: lassitude & ennui, Seraphim White Dipped Rare & Matching Seed Of Inspiration Bracers

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