Time For A Workout?

After all the excesses of the festive season it was time for a trip to the gym. Nothing like a good workout to get you in the mood for a bit of retail therapy! Well, that’s what I was telling myself as I moaned and groaned my way through all the exercises.

011617 1 The Warm Up_001T.png

First the warm up.. easy does it.

011617 2 The Lift_004T.png

Then the lift.. and up, hold, and down. Cross those ankles!

011617 3 The Kick_014T.png

Now onto the punchbag. Kick, kick, punch, and change, kick, kick, punch. Groan

011617 4 The Punch_016T.png

This cute hair was a gacha item from Doe. I thought the pink streaks looked great with my pink outfit. The hair comes with a HUD, giving plenty of options. The pretty pink eyeshadow is by SlackGirl, and was just the right colour pink. The lipstick was another gacha item, from Nomi. It is so subtle, perfect for the gym.

011617 5 The Heat_019T.png

No one said it was going to be easy, even the stretch out is hard work!

011617 6 The Stretch_020T.png

And relax! Thank goodness that is over.

011617 7 The Chill_023T.png

I found these great gym clothes at another gacha. They are both by cheeky, and I was lucky enough to get a pink top and a pink bottom. The leggings, in particular, are one of my faves, because, yes, you guessed it, they had a TMP size! There really is so little out there that is specifically made for the TMP body. The other brands of mesh bodies seem to have taken over most designers shelves. I am fiercely loyal to my TMP body, and really don’t want to buy another body just because it is more popular. When I bought my body there were not as many other brands out there, maybe two or three, so there wasn’t really an issue. However, when it came to buying a mesh head, I took note of which heads were the most popular, and why. One of the top two was the Catwa brand. I bought Catwa, and have been really happy with my choice.

011617 Love the shoesT.jpg

Can’t help but fall in love with these gorgeous shoes. They were the perfect compliment, or were they the stars (no pun intended) of this ensemble? The shoes come with a 50 textures HUD, to change the main part, laces, top lace (frill), and the winged heart. The wedge sole, top lace (frill), stars, and winged heart can be toggled on or off, and the top lace also has 3 levels of transparency. The stars are a lovely rainbow mix of colours, and cannot be changed. They are by Mesh Agency, and you have to marvel at the amazing packaging they use. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil the surprise. Go check it our for yourself! I was so delighted to see these shoes available for the TMP body. They combine the tiptoe look with the Converse boot trends, and the HUD means they will mix and match with a multitude of outfits. Oh happy days, or rather, happy feet!

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Body: TMP
  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Mesh Eyes: Catwa; Applier: DeeTalez, Hypnotic bc Gold/Blue
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Hair: DoeSombr V2 Essentials Rare
  • Make Up: SlackGirl, BomBom Eyeshadow; Nomi, Haru Pearl Lip Gloss No.3
  • Jewellery: Earthstones, Eternity Bridal Set Platinum Ring, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum; TMP, Coco Le’Chel Bow Knot Bracelet; Chop Zuey, Flying Raisins Ring
  • Outfit: cheeky, Gina Shit Unicorn shirt Pink, Gina Bow Leggings Pink
  • Footwear: Mesh Agency, Orion WedgeTiptoe Sneakers

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