I Think I Found Something For Everyone!

The last few weeks have seen me gathering a fantastic stash of great make ups,  maybe I just noticed more of it at the various vendors?

1.010517 alaska GalaEyesT.jpg

Here are some very pretty festive eyeshadows. These are by alaskametro, from a recent gacha. There are three sets in this Gala collection, from the top down, set 1, set 2, and set 3 (rare). I would love to say I have a favourite one, but I can’t. I think at a quick glance I loved the red 3 colour version in the middle, but seriously, when you try these on, you will quickly see how the depth of colours and details really do shine through. I thought the red and green from set 2 were a great choice for the typical Christmas red and green outfits.

I first started using alaskametro make ups with my standard SL body, and they were the first brand I went to when I got my Catwa Mesh Head. In fact, I didn’t realise that one of the make ups I already had was Catwa or Omega compatible, back in the days when I had no idea what mesh heads were, and thought that Catwa only made great hairs! Check out more pics here, and here.

2.010517 YOUniqueT.jpg

Here is a stunning set of make up by JUMO, called YOUnique. I love the gold shimmer and the subtle pastel colours. This is a great one for the summer months too! I could see these being worn with a gorgeous long flowy dress, just right for a walk along the beach.

3.010517 Veechi RitaTaylorTessa GlamT.jpg4.010517 Veechi RitaTaylorTessa VividT.jpg

These next two collections are from Veechi, and were a gacha. Of course, as with the alaskametro gacha, I just had to get them all! (Where have I heard that before?) They came in two versions for each set, a Glam version, and a Vivid version. The gold and silver ones from the Glam collections looked great with lots of my festive outfits, the silver went well with snow themed outfits.They are a simple, but stunning look. The sets are from top to bottom, in each collection, Rita, Taylor, and Tessa.

5.010517 Madrid DblFlickT.jpg

Next up is one of my favourites, by Madrid Solo, called Double Flick. It is a collection of stunning bright glittery colours with a double flick eyeliner. It looks amazing on, and makes a great addition to a formal night out. I wore the gold one with my New Year’s outfit. I have worn Madrid‘s make ups for years, way before my Mesh Head. She is so creative, and puts such a lot of detail into her work. A lot of her work covers more of the face, and includes lace style eye masks.  I will feature more of her work soon.

6.010517 SG DottyT.jpg

Here is one of my favourite designers, Slack Girl. This is one of her latest creations, DottyDot, and I can’t resist her collections. She always seems to have just the right style for any occasion you might want to dress up for. Check my other pics here, and here.

7.010517 Vengeful ThreadsT.jpg

And lastly, the brightest of the bunch, Vengeful Threads eyeshadows and lashes sets. I first found Vengeful Threads just before Christmas, and featured their festive lashes in one of my posts, here. These two sets are the Fantasia Eyeshadows, and I teamed them with their Morrigan Lashes. They are fun and colourful, remember to turn the black colour off on your lashes tab on the Catwa HUD.

Tuppi’s Look:

  • Mesh Head: Catwa, Alice
  • Eyes: Lotus, Gloss Pop Eyes 05
  • Skin Applier: DeeTalez, Evelyn European
  • Hair Base: Just Magnetized, Basic set 3
  • Make Up 1st Picture: alaskametro, Gala Eyes, sets 01, 02, 03
  • 2nd Picture: YUMO, YOUnique
  • 3rd Picture: Veechi, Rita Glam #3, Taylor Glam #5, Tessa Glam #1
  • 4th Picture: Veechi, Rita Vivid #4, Taylor Vivid #6, Tessa Vivid #2
  • 5th Picture: Madrid Solo, Double Flick
  • 6th Picture: Slack Girl, DottyDot
  • 7th Picture: Vengeful Threads, Fantasia Eyeshadow, Morrigan Lashes

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