Today’s Faves – The Little Black Dress

This is where I want to feature my current fave items. It could be hair, make up, or fashion items. Sometimes it is not about how much things cost, it is more about the Wow factor. That pair of shoes that adapt to most things you wear, or, some hair that just IS!

I had thought about calling this section my Pick of The Week.. but then I thought.. what if I don’t find one this week, or, what if I have several? So, here we are, my Today’s Faves!

I guess my first one would have been the black dress I found at Hilly Haalan‘s store, that I featured in the One Dress, Three Designers post. It wasn’t solely a black dress, it did come with a textures HUD, but, to be honest, I have never changed it, I love it just as it is. To me, it had just the right look, and fit.

061416 Alice's first trip out_001 scaled.png


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